Ages of Aenya

Ages of Aenya is the first novel set in the world of Aenya.

Hunger drove her from home. Invasion from his. They are the last Ilmar, naked savages . . . Heroes.

City by the Sea: To save her family from starvation, Thelana goes in search of civilization. In the city of Hedonia, she is forced to live in the slums, stealing to survive. But when a star falls to the One Sea, flooding the populace, she and Xandr---the only other of her people---will fight man and monster alike to get out alive.

The Serpent’s Eye: When Xandr is poisoned by snake man venom, Thelana crosses into the West, where the days grow longer and hotter. As the man she loves clings to life, she discovers that their only salvation is a desert ruin, a relic from their past and future.

Flesh and Steel: Accused of witchcraft for talking to ravens, Emma is banished from her city and sold as a slave. But after a chance encounter with Xandr and Thelana, the timid young girl embarks on an adventure to reach the peak of Mount Strom in an effort to save the world.





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The Prologue: Thelana is far from the family she knew, and she can never go home. Trusting in her bow to fend off predators, she struggles for survival. In the deep of the Wildwood, she discovers a forgotten city, and humans who cover their bodies in fabric.

Chapter 1: A Compass for Miseries: After ten years of wandering, Xandr believes he is the last of the Ilmar. Ouranos, a winged friend, convinces him that there may be more to his fate than sulking in the swamp. Hedonia, the City by the Sea, is under siege, and only Xandr can aid them.

Chapter 2: Dreams of Ilmarinen: In Ilmarinen, the waking world is inseparable from dreams. On his way to Hedonia, Xandr is haunted by memories of his mentor and the lost paradise that was his home.

Chapter 3: Jewel of the Sea: In Hedonia, Xandr is treated with scorn for his "barbaric" ways. As he travels to meet the High Priest at the Temple of Sargonus, he discovers the human cost of great empires.

Chapter 4: The Secret: Climbing a pyramid wall in the dark of eclipse, Thelana prepares to steal the pearl eyes from the Sea God, Sargonus.

Book 3 Chapter 1: Donkey Face: In a crowded mountain city, Emma is utterly alone, but for the ravens she keeps as friends. Her mother is long dead and her father is strange and reclusive. The other children throw rocks and call her donkey face.

Book 3 Chapter 2: Through the Gates of the Silver Key: Emma is forbidden from entering her father's private study, but curiosity overtakes her judgment when she finds a silver key.

Book 3 Chapter 3: Fabulous Secrets: What strange and terrible secrets does Emma discover in her father's sanctuary? What is the source of her childhood fears? Can Emma find out before her father comes home?


Races of Aenya: Avian - Bogren - Halfman - Horg - Ilmar - Merquid - Septhera

A Brief History of Aenya Timeline

Geography of Aenya

Cosmology of Aenya: The Hayden Planetarium Answers Questions about Aenya: Aenya is uncommon in the fantasy genre in that it follows real world astrophysics. Specifically, it is a moon of the gas giant Infinity. Close proximity to this large planet accounts for the turquoise "moon" Xandr and Thelana can see in the sky. Since one side of their world always faces Infinity, life can be harsh on Aenya. The struggle for survival drives much of the plot and drama in Ages of Aenya. Fortunately, Alejandro Nunez at the Hayden Planetarium helped add credibility to this fictional world by answering my questions about an Aenya-type planet.

Ages of Aenya: The Illustrated Adventure - Journey through this work-in-progress illustrated telling of Ages of Aenya featuring art from fans and freelance professionals gathered from over the past ten years.

About the Author: By six years of age, I knew that I wanted to be a writer. At nine, I convinced my father to take me to DC Comics Headquarters in New York City, to endorse my comic book series, The Red Panther. When I turned fourteen, I sent out query letters for my first novel, Dynotus' Adventures. I later graduated with a BA in English Fiction from the University of South Florida, where I helped as a tutor, ran a fan-fiction site, and worked as a freelance editor. My short story, The Gorgon's Lover, was a finalist for the Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley Award. For more about my life, please visit my bio page.    

What People Are Saying:

"You have just destroyed my evening. I am thoroughly engrossed in Aenya now. I need to know more about Thelana and Xandr, need to know more about the world, and am downright angry you haven't posted more. Now I see on the blog that you are trying to get published; so my question is when and where can I pre-order? Give me fantasy that says something. So thank you Nick for writing something different and damn you for making me wait to read it."

"Hey Nick... I truly think you have a gift... Your ability to describe the environment and surroundings in the story is amazing... I felt mesmerized by the environment and beauty of the words you used to describe the surroundings."
---Susan Akhoondan

"The Prologue for 'Ages of Aenya' is phenomenal, and it enticed me in something both different and exciting."
---Arthur K.

"Thelana's struggle makes us care for [this] adventure way too much, more than any other story I've read recently. It fires up our anticipation for the rest to come ... Keep up the good work ..."
---Aris Ioannou

"Often times I forget how intimately involved in the world of Aenya I've been. As this point, I feel a degree of genuine love for it's characters. I absolutely love the subtle nuances [which] says so much about her [Thelana] with so little. As you know, I'm a huge fan of minimalist storytelling. The issue of nudity is also brilliantly addressed here. By weaving it into Thelana's thoughts, more than into the physical description of the actions, you make nudity, not sexuality, a clear theme. Masterful storytelling there, man. You should be very proud."
---David Pasco

"I like the style of writing and became very curious about the Aenya project. I already like Thelana and definitely feel the urge to know more about her and her world."
---Noelle Lew

"It's hard for me get into a book or story, so it says a lot when I read this with ease. Enjoyed the action from the start, while adding in details as you went. Your style of writing is different, but that's a good thing."