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Art by David Pasco
Many believe he is a demon, spawned from the fiery depths of Aenya. His monstrous appearance throws adversaries into a panic, and his infamous cruelty only adds to the myth of his inhuman origins. No wonder Zaibos, born as a man, came to be known as the "Monster King." 

He arrives in Tyrnael with his father, Anabis, from an unknown land, in answer to the summons of King Solon. To cure the princess' illness, Anabis asks only that his son be adopted, and beset with grief and desperation, Solon acquiesces. Zaibos is fifteen at the time, and the princess, eleven. The two play together, during their briefly shared childhood, but Radia finds his utter lack of emotions disturbing. Even as a teen, he delights in the torment of insects, and later, in killing small animals. Some say the boy's lack of humanity stems from a lifetime of verbal and physical abuse, for Anabis is never seen to act kindly toward his son, and in his old age, he becomes increasingly strange and reclusive. At nineteen, Zaibos' interests turn to the warlike history of the Zo, the ancient ancestors of the Tyrnaelian people, and he dedicates his every waking moment to the mastery of battle. After the untimely death of Solon, the boy seizes control of the army, and without Radia's knowledge, engages in campaigns of aggression beyond the city's mountain borders. Deep in the Eastern Hemisphere, he subdues the bogren host, and upon donning a suit of spikes, poses as a fiery deity. With an army of subhumans under his control, Zaibos turns South, besieging the city of Northendell, but falls at the hands of the Delian chief defender, Sif, Daughter of Thunder. 

As time in Tyrnael flows more slowly, so does Zaibos age more rapidly in relation to his step-sister, so that upon returning from his campaigns, he is grown into his thirties, as Radia remains a mere fifteen. Shortly after his arrival, with the full bent of the army behind him, Zaibos usurps the throne, and Radia is forced to flee for her life. The days following her flight are marked with despair and dread the likes the kingdom has never seen, as torture and executions become commonplace, and Zaibos' true, sadistic nature is revealed to all. 


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