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RPG: Eldin's Aenya Bestiary

Updated 7/19/2014

If you're thinking you've stumbled across the wrong blog, don't worry! Every summer, I take time out from my hectic writing schedule to delve into one of my guilty pleasures: Tabletop Role Playing Games. And by the looks of this article from the New York Times, it appears that I am not alone among fantasy authors who find inspiration in games like Dungeons & Dragons. This year, I thought it'd be fun to marry my Quest Role-Playing Game to the literary world of Aenya. Who knows, perhaps some future gaming session will inspire the next Ilmarin adventure! Learn more about the QUEST Gaming System here. Also, be sure to click the highlighted names to learn more about the creatures of Aenya.

Special Thanks to my #1 Fan, David Pasco, for providing me with all these great images!



§  Move: On a dungeon grid, Move is the number of 5’ squares a monster can move per round. Move can also be indicated by type, such Fly or Swim.

§  Passive/Aggressive: Passive creatures will not attack you unless provoked by an attack. Do not roll initiative when instigating battle with a passive creature. Aggressive creatures attack on sight.

§  Monster Mounts: A monster must first be tamed before attempting Learn to Ride.
Aggressive monsters attack when failing a Tame or Learn to Ride action. Passive creatures, such as unicorns, simply warp away. Succeeding Learn to Ride indicates that the monster has befriended you and will come to your service for battle or transport.

§  BASH: This refers to attacks of overwhelming force where ARMOR is of little or no consequence, such as from a horg’s mace. Against BASH, heroes can only hope to move out of the way by making an evasive ROLL or Agility check (d20 +Agility vs. the monster’s attack roll).

§  Combat Action: These strategies may prove useful, but these are only suggestions. There are, in actuality, infinite ways to fight a monster. Failing a combat action incurs an attack of opportunity. 

§  XP gained for killing or defeating a monster is equal to its HEALTH, double HEALTH for * or triple for **.


Anaconda: HEALTH 3, ARMOR 8, Bite 1*, Move 1, Passive
§  *First time bitten, roll Endurance check/Difficulty 10. If failing, lose 1 poison damage peturn until reaching Town.

Arctic Crawler: HEALTH 25*, ARMOR 13, BITE 7, TRAMPLE 2/2/2/2, Move 3, Aggressive
§  On a roll of 1920, the arctic crawler devours medium enemies whole
§  On a 3 or 6, arctic crawler tramples medium enemies as BASH for 2/2/2/2
§  Takes double damage frofire.
   Combat Action: Ride CrawlerAgility/Difficulty 12

Aquatic Horror: HEALTH 30**, ARMOR 14, Pincer 4/4, Move 2 (6 in water), Aggressive
  • If both pincers hit, enemy is grappled and slammed for 6 damage/round. Break free—Strength check/Difficulty 20

Bogren, Digger: HEALTH 3, ARMOR 6, Pickax 2, Move 2, Passive

Small and crafty, the bogren are thought to have evolved after the Great Cataclysm. Their human ancestors remained, or were forced into, the eastern hemisphere, finding sanctuary deep under the ground where the lava flows. To learn more: BOGREN

Bogren, Foreman: HEALTH 6, ARMOR 8, Cat-O’-Nine Tails 2, Move 2, Aggressive

Bogren, Warrior: HEALTH 6, ARMOR 8, Battleaxe 3, Move 3, Aggressive

Bogren, Chieftain: HEALTH 10, ARMOR 10, Battleaxe 4, Move 3, Aggressive

Caw, Immense Bird: HEALTH 35**, ARMOR 11, TALON 4, Fly 24, Aggressive
  • SnatchOn roll of 1820, the caw snatches a single enemy, flies him into the air and drops him. Make a successful attack roll or Strength vs./Difficulty 20, or die by falling.
  •    Combat Action: Climb OnAgility/Difficulty 16 (free attack)

Golem, Ancient “HORDE”: HEALTH 30*, ARMOR 15, BASH/TRAMPLE 8*, Move 1
  • *On a hiroll of 1820, Horde knocks opponents prone and then tramples over them as a second attack for 8 damage
  • Resist damage 3
  • On a roll of 3, Horde fires a beam of searing energy for 10 health damage and 2 damage to all non-magical weapons and armor—Roll Agility vs. to avoid
  • On a roll of 6, Horde can create the illusion of monsters. These illusions can kill as though real. Monsters continue fight until killed or dispelled. To dispel, make Wisdom check/Difficulty 18

Halfman: HEALTH 12, ARMOR 10, Claws 3/3, Bite 3, Move 6, Aggressive
§  *If both claws hit, roll for bite attack

A distant human relative, this beastly primate has limited use of language and tool making skills. It is most commonly seen in the wildwoodwest of Kratos. Shy in nature, the halfman can become a terrible predator when the need arises, counting both human and animal as its quarry. To learn more: HALFMAN

Hippocampus: HEALTH 8, ARMOR 10, Dmg: Nil, Move 12 (over land and water), FLEE 3, 6, Passive
   Action: TameCharm or Wisdom/Difficulty 8
   ActionLearn to RideAgility/Difficulty 8

Horg, Female: HEALTH 15*, ARMOR 9, BASH (pykrete mace), Move 4, Aggressive
     Combat Action: Grapplfrom BehindAgility/Difficulty 12 (free attack)

Horg, Bull: HEALTH 20*, ARMOR 10, BASH 8 (pykrete mace), Move 4, Aggressive
     Combat Action: Grapplfrom BehindAgility/Difficulty 12 (free attack)
     Combat Action: Through the KneesAgility/Difficulty 18 (+2 damage, reroll initiative)

Few creatures on Aenya are as feared as the horg. Rarely seen beyond the dark hemisphere, the horg is found on the outskirts of the eastern kingdoms. Females of the species are turned into slaves by the more diminutive bogren. Adult males (known as bulls) act as living siege engines, carrying immense clubs and shields made of ice and wood pulp called pykrete. To learn more: HORG

Ib: HEALTH 10, ARMOR 10, Claw 1/1, Fly 24, FLEE 3, 4, 6, Passive
   Action: Tame—Charm or Wisdom/Difficulty 18
   Action: Learn to Ride—Agility/Difficulty 18

The Tyrant, Saurian: HEALTH 40**, ARMOR 10, Bite 12*, Stomp 8, Move 12, Aggressive
§  *On an 19-20, swallow medium to large enemies whole
§  On a roll of 3 or 6, the Tyrant stomps (as BASH) for 8 damage.
   Combat Action: Ride Tyrant—Agility/Difficulty 20
   Combat Action: Under the LegsAgility/Difficulty 15; rerolinitiative

Septhera, Abomination: HEALTH 8, ARMOR 8, By weapon type + poison, Move 3, Passive
§ Pass for human. Make a Wisdom check/Difficulty 15 to detect.
§ Assassinate: If alone and sleeping, make Wisdom vs. d20/check or be killed.

This long extinct race ruled Aenya around 10,000---9000 BGM. For centuries, humans were herded by the Septhera like livestock, forced to do labor, fight for entertainment, and at times, were used as food. The Septhera vary in appearance and color, from black, green, red and purple to many hued. Stripes and diamond patterns along the arms, legs and tail are common among females. By 9800 BGM, the Septhera were overthrown by the emergent Zo. To learn more: SEPTHERA

Septhera, Slaver: HEALTH 10, ARMOR 11, Whip 2Move 3, Aggressive

Septhera, Warrior: HEALTH 12, ARMOR 12, Khopesh 3, Arrows 3* / range 2, Move 5, Aggressive
§  *Ambush attacks: Player must have a ranged weapon or be surprised (incurring two free attacks).
§  +2 initiative

Septhera, True “Purple Death Adder”: HEALTH 18, ARMOR 13, Moon Blades 3/3 +Tail            Whip 1, Serpent Bow 4 (ranged), Move 6
  • On a roll of 3 or 6, Purple Death Adder bites for 4 damage +poison. If bitten, roll Endurance/Difficulty 20: if rolling under, die from venom; roll even, no effect; roll over, become immune.
  • Combat Action: Cut Off Tail— -1 to hit, Effect: No more tail whip attacks 

Snail, Giant: HEALTH 6, ARMOR 17, Bite 5, Move 1, Aggressive
 §  Combat Action: Ride on Shell—Roll Agility/Difficulty 8, Effect: Free attack 

Spawn of Gulgola: HEALTH 10*, ARMOR 10, Tentacle 1/1/1/1*, Move 2, Passive
§  *If two or more tentaclelatch onto victim, the victim takes 4 damage each round until breaking free with Strength check/Difficulty 13

Mammoth: HEALTH 18*, ARMOR 8, Gore 2/2, Trample 6, Move 3, Passive
§  On a 3 or 6, Trample as BASH for 6 damage
    Combat Action: Flank to avoid gore—Roll Agility/Difficulty 8 / per round

Merquid, Common: HEALTH: 3, ARMOR 6, Claw 1/1*, Bite 2, Move 2 (8 in water), Passive
§  *If both claws hit, roll for bite

This aquatic, communal species once dominated the planet, living in ocean-vast cities that have since become desert. What remains of their kind is now concentrated along the coasts. Though benign, they can become terrifying in defense of their offspring, with a set of retractable teeth, barbed claws and wide glossy eyes. To learn more: MERQUID

Merquid, Chieftain: HEALTH: 10, ARMOR 10, Trident 4, Move 2 (8 near water), Passive
§  On a roll of 6, summon Aquatic Horror

Tiger, Green: HEALTH 16, ARMOR 10, Claw 4/4*, Bite 4, Move 8, Aggressive
§  If both claws hit, roll for bite
§  +2 initiative

Terastio Scorpios: HEALTH 12*, ARMOR 15, Pincer 2/2*, Move 4, Aggressive
§  If first pincer hits, roll second attack. If both pincers hit, roll
      Endurance/Difficulty 20: if rolling under, die from tail stinger venomroleven,
      no effectroll over, become immune.

Tetra Claw Beast: HEALTH 11**, ARMOR 11, Claw 2/2/2* +acid**, Bite 6 +acid**, Move 8 (through narrow corridors) or 2 (open spaces), Aggressive

  • *If two claws hit, roll for bite damage
  • **Acid dissolves 1 point from non-magical weapons and armor
  • Combat Action: Sever limb—ARMOR 14, Effect: Monster loses 1 claw attack 

Trike (triceratops): HEALTH 44, ARMOR 10, BASH/TRAMPLE 9, Move 2, Passive
   Combat Action: Flank to avoidAgility check/Difficulty 9 / per round

Unicorn: HEALTH 10, ARMOR 10, Horn 3, Move 16, FLEE 3, 4, 6**, Passive
§  **Unicorn can warp to nearest safe haven or room
   Action: TameCharm or Wisdom/Difficulty 22
   ActionLearn to RideAgility/Difficulty 15

Venus Doom Man Trap: HEALTH 15, ARMOR 8, Bite 3*, Move 0, Aggressive
  • *On a roll of 20, swallows victim whole. Each round in belly, victim suffers damage until breaking loose with a Strength check/Difficulty 15.
  • Immune to poison, charms
  • Takes double damage frofire

Ziff: HEALTH 13, ARMOR 8, Horns 2, Move 8, Passive


  1. I just read through this. While I am admittedly quite a laymen when it comes to gaming, I know enough about Aenya for this to have been quite interesting. Nice pictures, too. Some of the creatures were unfamiliar to me. Are they from quest, or Aenyan characters that have just yet to rear their heads in your current novel?

    1. Most of these creatures can be found in either "Ages of Aenya" or "The Princess of Aenya" although a few of them have yet to be seen. Keep reading and you'll discover them!


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