Sunday, March 16, 2014

Noora's Song

I sing the Goddess that is in all,
who gilds the wheat and sun born rye,
who, in dreaming plains we seek her call

In the greenwood, in the elms that fall
from sundered root to shaken ply
Her eternal verse brings breath to all

In the hornèd moons that nightly rule
her silver sisters dance the sky
and from dreaming plains attend her hall

Even in the sore and weeping gall
there is the ballad which brings release
there is the Goddess of great and small

In streams deep and mountains tall
from lover’s rage to felled knight’s wreath 
Zöe sings her song, who is in all

Do not dread and shrink from winter’s pall
or of Luna’s chill bite be dismayed
For Zöe, dying, sleeps in snowy shawl 

And Springs born to sing the gilded corn
so broken hearts are once more allayed
when mourning moons break to Sun of Morn

---Excerpt from The Princess of Aenya
by Nick Alimonos with Michael-Israel Jarvis

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