Friday, January 27, 2012

Character Bios: GRIMOSSE

As a young healer living in Northendell, Mathias is deeply troubled by his inability to help wounded men-at-arms. The problem of death plagues him until he meets Dak, a scholar of ancient artifacts. Working in secret, the two men discover how the Ancients, or Zo, transferred their minds into invincible bodies called golems. When Dak falls in love and marries, however, he abandons the pursuit, leaving Mathias to study the countless tomes on his own. One day, King Frizzbeard discovers Dak's research and he and his wife are burned as witches. Dak's infant daughter, Emma, escapes the flames in the arms of Dak's golem, Grimosse. Grimm delivers the infant to Mathias, but fearing the discovery of his work, he commands the golem to go south, to the Sea. Along the way, Grimm kills thirty Hedonian soldiers as they attempt to seize him. The High Priest Urukjinn tries to control the golem but fails. But when the High Priest's daughter, Merneptes, is caught in a riot, Grimm tears free of his bonds and pulverizes her attackers with a church bell, which is later fashioned into a hammer. Grimosse would later find new purpose in defending Merneptes, or anyone reminding him of the child he was made to protect. Emma.


  1. I love this bio. Silly question, but have you thought about whether Grimm is aware of the reasons behind his fondness for those who remind him of Emma, or does he just feel protective of them with no real idea why?

  2. Your insights always take me by surprise. Though the book does not go into detail as to Grimm's thought process, I think it is more of a feeling than anything else. After all, when he meets up with Emma (as an adult), he doesn't recognize her, since the infant he knew was so small.


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